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I’m excited to announce the general availability of C9’s LeadMap for Marketo. With this solution, companies will get a true panoramic view of the pipeline that spans Marketo and Salesforce.com. Perhaps even more importantly, they’ll finally be able to answer fundamental questions that they’ve been asking for years: “What’s the full impact of marketing activity on revenue?” “Is current lead flow going to get us to our revenue number?” and “Where can I get the best return on marketing spend?”

In the process of developing LeadMap for Marketo, we spent a lot of time with marketing and sales executives. We came across one point of frustration again and again: no one had cracked the code when it came to providing an end to end view of revenue progression. Instead, companies have had to contend with the fact that the early stage pipeline is managed in Marketo and downstream opportunity activity flows through Salesforce.com. This “broken pipe” has caused major issues as companies try to assess and maximize the impact of marketing spend and it’s created a lot of friction between marketing and sales organizations.

The more we dug into this challenge, the more confident we were that C9 could bring a totally new approach to the table. Our platform allows us to independently access the entire Salesforce.com database (not just subsets of data) and merge it with data we’ve independently pulled from Marketo. By adding a time dimension and predictive analysis to the information, we’re able to show how revenue is currently traversing the pipeline, how it has trended historically and what outcomes companies can anticipate in the future.
Based on the unique insights we can deliver, we set out to build an application that would allow companies to nail three critical objectives: develop campaigns that maximize ROI, execute programs in close collaboration with sales and evaluate the full impact that marketing has on revenue.

Developing Campaigns that Maximize ROI

We got a lot of feedback from marketers who felt their current marketing automation solutions fell short when it came to maximizing campaign ROI. Many tools can report on the number of leads an individual campaign generates. But in a multi-touch, multi-channel world that doesn’t cut it. There currently isn’t a solution available that can identify the series campaigns that work best together to deliver the highest ROI. So that’s the challenge that we tackled. LeadMap tells marketers how lead conversion and opportunity close rates will increase by incorporating the right series of campaigns into a multi-touch program.

Executing In Collaboration

We also heard several marketers mention that even when they exceeded their lead generation targets, sales continued to complain about insufficient lead flow. When we dug into the problem, we realized that this disconnect stemmed from the fundamentally different view maintained by marketing and sales. Marketing tends to think about the world in terms of the aggregated number of leads that move through the funnel. But sales’ reality is defined in terms of geo, account or product based territories. So when marketing hits it number but sends a disproportionate number of leads to a few territories, the rest of the field gets vocal. That’s why LeadMap represents leads from Marketo using the sales hierarchy from Saleforce.com. Now Sales and Marketing can get a common view of the pipe and work together to support sales territories that are underserved.

Evaluating The Full Impact On Revenue

Marketing organizations readily acknowledge that while they have broad influence over a large portion of the revenue that closes, ultimately, they only have visibility into the deals that are directly linked back to marketing activity. But since C9 has access to both Marketo and Salesforce.com data, we can identify sales and marketing collaboration that may not be explicitly captured in the CRM system. This allows Lead Map to track the impact marketing has on the close rates, sales cycle times and deal sizes—even for those deals that aren’t explicitly linked to a lead or campaign. Additionally, thanks to C9’s predictive analytics capabilities, LeadMap can project whether or not the current pipeline will support revenue targets while there’s still time to make adjustments.

Breaking Down the Walls

C9’s LeadMap for Marketo breaks down the walls that have historically separated sales and marketing, allowing them to tap new levels of revenue productivity. Thanks to the unique approach C9 takes to capturing and analyzing pipeline data across Marketo and Salesforce.com, companies now have a much fuller view of how revenue is progressing and what it will take to get even more out of their sales and marketing investments.

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Justin Shriber
Justin Shriber

Justin Shriber is the Vice President of Products at C9 where he is responsible for Product Management, Product Marketing and Strategy. For the past two decades, Justin has focused on helping companies accelerate growth and profitability by building and executing strategies that align marketing, sales and service with the needs of the customer. At Oracle he headed Oracle’s CRM OnDemand organization and at Siebel, he was one of the early pioneers of the cloud, leading product teams responsible for delivering the first generation of SaaS applications. Prior to the work that he did and Siebel and Oracle, Justin was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the Harvard Business School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Economics from the University of California Los Angeles.

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